Corsica, sea and mountains, kayaking and hiking

Corsica is not only an island, is a country with many secrets, different regions inside, a unique culture.
Corsica is a wonderful place with great people.

This is a short photograph report of a scouting trip for a custom tour requested by some clients. Corsica is a world top spot for an active trip by kayaking and hiking.

The sea of Corsica offer many opportunity to escape.

The Beatiful romanic church of Murato at the sunrise.

Rocks, turns and narrow streets.

The cows are often in the street.

Sunset in the wonderful area of Piana.

Shooted signs.

The lovely secret area of Castagniccia.

A fantastic three dominating the Scala di santa Regina, in the Niolo area.

The Restonica valley.

Moon sunrise from the charming town of Penta di Casinca.

Ruins of an ancient franciscan site in the middle of La Castagniccia.

The superb foret d'Aitone.

Old twins.

Allround vintage Renault.

Golo valley, close to Scala di Santa Regina.

Village in Boziu, near Corte.

Seasonal fruits.

Rich capture.

One of the nicest ancient genoise bridge.


Astonishing mountain in the Restonica valley.

Pascal Paoli, u babbo de a patria.

Little pigs almost wild.

Approaching San Fiurenzo.

Nice dunas in the Desert des Agriates.

San Fiurenzo.

Morning view from Rogliano.



Ruins of genoise tower.

Goodbye Corsica.

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